Saturn is a dreamer and star chaser who keeps her head full of stars, big and small. She is not afraid to dream big and go into the unknown. Always full of ideas, after she accomplishes one goal she's soon onto another. Despite people saying she has her head too high in the clouds, her determination is unwavering because the stars in her eyes light up the world!
Keep your head full of stars and you’ll soar far.”
Likes moon rocks and cream soda
Chickadee is a sassy detective and Dee Dee the chicken is her sidekick. Curious and observant, she solves problems with the help of her friend and won't settle for anything less than a good solution. Being the bright, smart, and persistent detective that she is, Chickadee is sure to find the right clues to solve any problem!
"What came first, the chicken or the egg?"
Likes jigsaw puzzles and rolled omelettes.
Sunny is a child of the sun. When Sunny is by your side, he makes the room a little brighter and the days a little more cheerful. He doesn't need much attention to be happy and will quietly be there cheering you on. With all the sunlight that shines on him, he grows bigger and stronger by the day. Before you know it, he’ll be a full grown succulent! 
“In the sun we play and grow!”
Likes juice boxes and golden kiwi
Wolf is an explorer and adventurer that lives and breaths the outdoors. She appreciates being away from the complicated lives people lead and would rather spend her time in nature. Wherever her wanderings take her, she only brings herself and her maps because there’s never enough room in her bag to carry all the wonderful things she will find.
“Everything you experience is a new found treasure.”
Likes hiking and maple oatmeal
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